Curse Born Saga

We are the Four Lords, two brothers and two best mates who have learned that our minds will always and forever work at their best when working with others. We are story tellers in trade, and we long to create something that has never been before. Something that will touch people’s hearts and leave them breathless. We are just like you. We work normal jobs everyday, and try desperately to find our way in this labyrinth we have all come to know as life. But for us, even in the toughest of times, and we all have them, it was always stories that kept us going. It is our passion. It is how we can live life, yet still create. We believe that stories are the heart of everything. That’s exactly why four years ago, we came together from the corners of this world and began working on our own story. “One of the greatest stories ever told.” This is what we told ourselves we would create. We devote our lives to this. To give something back to the world after the artists of the past have already given so much. We would not be who we are without them. And in turn, are willing to stake our futures on creating something for others. We are artists. We may be irrational, reckless, and stupid at times . . . But we know how to love.-

The Four Lords are Trowa D. Cloud (Author), Elnath D. Shanks (Director), Simon Gatsu Sandoval (Story Creator), and Squall D. Ace (Story Creator).

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