Artists Portfolio Program

Artists Portfolio Program

Artists and Fashion designers can earn money by selling commissioned pieces on our Ecommerce site. As we are located in the heart of the the Fashion/Arts District in Los Angeles, we decided that a way for us to facilitate aspiring designers and artists was to give them an outlet for their designs and a chance to earn money without the expensive overhead usually associated with created for fashion retail. Our setup process also allows for us to focus on the production of the garments, so the designers can focus on their art. 

The Artists Portfolio process is simple. 

  1. Artist submits 3-6 designs for approval.
  2. If designs are approved, the artists then sends 3-12 designs to be sold at commission of the artist's choice (each garment has different specs, see below).
  3. Our staff here creates the Artists Portfolio and checks artwork for proper specs for the garment desired.
  4. The artist's design is uploaded to the site for commissioned-base sales.
  5. When an artist has a design been used in a purchased piece, the artist is notified via email immediately.
  6. Commission for sold designs is paid out at the end of the month. 


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