All garments are one price for each garment, no matter the design. The only time additional fees are incurred are when there are embellishments like rhinestones and nail heads are added to the garment, or when artwork is used from the Artists Portfolio section. The additional fees for the Artists Portfolio "Designer Prints" is a commission paid back to the artists, so you are supporting independent fashion designers when paying for these designs.


There are scaling discounts available for orders of 6 or more garments for all users, and large order discounts for retailers or groups available on our wholesale site located here. The wholesale site also includes a Quik Designer with an "Upload Artwork" function for fashion designers, school and civic groups, businesses, or any organization that requires orders of 6 more garments with their logo/artwork printed on. 


Cancel/Change Order:

You are welcome to cancel/change your order BEFORE the order reaches production stage. Please contact us immediately if there is an error with your design/order. If the error is not a production error, but shipping/billing information, we can correct this post-production and before shipment once we are contacted.

Please note that once an order begins production, you can no longer make any changes and we cannot stop the shipment of your order.


Due to the nature of customized garments, we do not accept returns on them unless there is a production/manufactuting error on our part. If there is an error, please contact us for a refund or exchange. Pre-made garments can be exhanged for a new garment or discount/credit towards future orders if returned within 30 days.

Artists Portfolio & Commissions:

If you are a designer/artist, and would like to sell your designs (set at a commission rate of your choosing), please contact us. We will ask for 3-6 pieces to be submitted for approval. If the pieces are approved, we will contact you, and create to portfolio for you with your commission rate. Each time a piece is sold, you will be notified by email. Commission will be paid at the end of every month. 


         Discounts available:

  • 1 - Wholesale purchases
  • 2 - Share our site on your social media 

Payment Methods

  • All major credit cards. Processed by our credit card processing company. All personal credit card information is sent there and not stored here for security reasons.
  • Paypal. The largest online payment system. All payment info and security is taken care of by Paypal.
  • Check/Money order. The old fashioned-way. Send payment to:

             People's Choice Apparel
             2301 E. 7th St.
             Los Angeles, 90023

Note - no products are printed or processed until payment clears.

Printing & Embellishments

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